29-Year-Old Man Attempts to Pay for Date With Presto Card


Presto CardOTTAWA – “Things were going really well and I wanted to pay the bill while my date was in the ladies room. I looked confidently over to the bartender and hinted with a head nod and finger motion that we would only need one bill. The waiter put the bill on the table and I pulled out what I thought was my credit card and put it in the bill fold. I felt that my wallet was a little thinner than usual and then it hit me. I looked down at the bill fold and saw my Presto Card.”

Charles Kelly, a 29-year-old project manager and aspiring comedian, found himself in an awkward date situation at The Wood on Wellington Thursday night. “Earlier in the day I had signed up for an online script writing course and I left my TD Visa on my desk next to my computer. I had my debit card but I keep my accessible balance very low to stop me from making impulse cash purchases. I literally had no way of paying for my own tab let alone my date’s.”

The 29-year-old described the experience as an embarrassing low point in his life. “Online dating is awkward enough.” Kelly had been on a string of bad dates over the last month and this one was actually going well until it hit him that he was trying to pay the bill with his bus pass. “When I realized there was no way of getting around the fact that I couldn’t pay my bill I thought to myself, ‘wow I’m in a real life episode of Seinfeld,’ and I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. By the time my date made it back to the table I looked at her with a trembling smile and confessed ‘I’m terribly embarrassed and I can’t believe this happened but I’ve left my bank card at home. I have no way of paying for my bill… I’ll make it up to you, would you like to go on another date next week, it’ll be my round? I’m soooo sorry, this isn’t a joke.’”

Sara Kadri, a 28-year-old communications specialist for a local PR firm, thought it was just a ploy to get a second date. “At first I thought it was pretty clever, Charles was really funny and I wanted to see him again anyways. What an elaborate scheme, but then I saw the look in his eyes and realized he wasn’t joking. He was so embarrassed, I just felt so bad but I also couldn’t help but laugh at him, who forgets money on a date? If I hadn’t just come back from texting my girlfriend in the bathroom saying ‘he’s cute and funny, definitely second date material :)’ then I may have had a different reaction but most of the online dates I’d been on had been tremendously boring and this was anything but.”

The bartender saw the whole thing happen and was amazed that they both left smiling. “After I put the bill fold down I quickly glanced over and saw that he had put down a presto card, not that uncommon for OC Transpo users and TD bank account holders, but when I looked back and saw that he hadn’t replaced the card I was intrigued as to what would happen next. When his date paid for the bill and he didn’t give her cash to make up the difference I knew something was up. I’ve seen a lot of awkward things happen under our dim lights but that one takes the cake.”

Charles plans on taking Sara to Wellington West’s Supply and Demand followed by a play at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. “It seems a little fancy for a second date, but how can I say no to that? I just hope he doesn’t forget the tickets…”

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