Hangry Woman Apologizes to Family and Colleagues after Eating


TORONTO – “I really lost my cool with everyone.  That became clear to me after eating,” said Trish Donnelly, full-time waitress.

“I was originally supposed to work a split shift, starting with the lunchtime rush, then take a break before starting again in the evening,” said Trish, who works at a busy downtown sports bar.

“Then we just got slammed.  It never slowed down, and one of the other servers called in sick, so I had to work right through what was supposed to be my lunch break. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and it really affected my mood,” said Trish, describing the effect her hunger had on the quality of her customer service.

By 6 o’clock Trish’s blood sugar levels had dropped to dangerous levels, and neither her colleagues nor customers were spared from her contempt.  “I was really short with everyone.  I could tell by the low tips I was getting that people were not happy with the service, but in the moment that only put me in an even worse mood.  I was even rude to my husband when he texted me to ask when I’d be home.”

Tensions peaked when the garden salad that Trish had ordered to eat in the back between serving tables was eaten by the restaurant’s dishwasher, Cory Teller.  “That was a huge mistake on my part, I thought it had been sent back,” explained dishwasher, “I would’ve never eaten Trish’s salad if I knew it was hers.  She scares me.”

Colleagues claim they watched as Trish berated Mr. Teller using language unsuitable for the workplace for a full 5 minutes before returning to her tables.  Witnesses to the confrontation expressed relief that they did not have to physically restrain Trish from assaulting Cory as they had anticipated.

Trish battled through the rest of her 11 hour shift, finally leaving the restaurant at 10pm.  Upon her arrival at home she was greeted by her husband who, aware of her famished state, had prepared for her a generous serving of spaghetti carbonara and a glass of red wine.  He had also buffered Trish’s favourite song on YouTube, Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye.”

“I nearly cried when I tasted that food and heard that beautiful song.  I realized how badly I had treated everyone. Once I had eaten I knew that everything was going to be okay.  In that moment my faith in humanity was restored,” said Trish, who after eating, immediately apologized to her husband, then called up a number of her colleagues to apologize for her fierce temperament throughout the day.

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