Job Candidate Fails Skype Interview for Not Wearing Pants


TORONTO – “We’re looking for someone who crosses their t’s and dots their i’s.  A man who does not wear pants during a job interview gives us little faith in his ability to do so,” said Bruce Gordon, CEO of Magnus Enterprises, commenting on his decision to turn down Timothy Somerville for a position as a marketing coordinator with the multimillion dollar company.

The job interview was conducted via Skype video call as Magnus Enterprises is located in Toronto while Mr. Somerville lives in Vancouver, and had planned on relocating if he was offered the position. According to the hiring manager present during the interview Mr. Gordon was extremely impressed with Timothy’s credentials and casual confidence. That is until the end of the interview when Mr. Somerville stood up briefly, revealing to his interviewers that he was not wearing pants.  To make matters worse, sources claim he was wearing leopard print jockeys.

“The purpose of the interview was to assess his people skills and his personality – to determine if he would be a good fit for our team.  After seeing him in his drawers, I’m afraid that’s not the case.” explained Mr. Gordon. 

“I was so into the interview I forgot I wasn’t wearing any pants.  I stood up for a sec to get another pen, and then it hit me. By then it was too late,” said Mr. Somerville, understandably humiliated.

Timothy claims he spent hours preparing for the interview, spending the time to research the company and check in with his references to make sure they would still be willing to vouch for him. When asked why he chose not to wear pants to his interview, Tim explained that it was an attempt at remaining calm under pressure, since he believed the video call would only show him from the chest up wearing a shirt and tie.

Mr. Somerville considers the embarrassing moment a great learning experience and has since resolved to attend future job interviews fully clothed.

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