Office Worker Ruins Casual Friday for Everyone

casual fridayTORONTO, ON  – “On Friday Travis turned up for work wearing a filthy Hawaiian shirt, wrinkled khakis, and a disgusting pair of flip-flop sandals. He looked like a total slob,” said Bruce Gordon, CEO of Toronto-based tech firm Magnus Enterprises, commenting on the poor clothing choices of one of his top application developers.

“Mr. Miller has continuously pushed the boundaries of casual attire appropriate for the workspace, and this has been the leading factor in a sharp decline in office morale,” Mr. Gordon explained.

Coworkers and upper management found his sloppy clothing and poor personal hygiene a constant and growing distraction to their work on Fridays, which has negatively affected productivity for everyone sharing the workspace with Travis.

“In general, on casual Friday employees are allowed to wear jeans and sneakers instead of the usual business casual. We’ve found that comfortable clothing improves work productivity. This all changed since Travis started coming to work looking like a bum,” said Mr. Miller’s manager.

Coworkers claim that Travis’ blatant disregard for office etiquette is a result of his success within Magnus Enterprises as he is credited with developing the company’s most successful products. “If Gordon has a problem with the way I dress then I’ll just take my genius to a competitor. I’ve been offered jobs by a bunch of our rivals and old-man Gordon knows it.  That’s why he’ll never step to me,” claimed Travis.

To make matters worse, by early Friday afternoon Travis started listening to rap music at full volume on his headphones, to the point where coworkers were able to hear every lyric to the Tupac songs he was listening to. By late afternoon he began singing along to his music, including many uses of expletives and profane language unsuitable for the workplace.

It was at this point that Mr. Gordon decided to permanently cancel casual Fridays effective immediately. Coworkers were disappointed that Travis’ clothing and behaviour had impacted all of them, but most employees agree that it was an effective way of putting an end to Mr. Miller’s progressive insolence.

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