Orleans Resident Posts Winter Driving Tips on Facebook After Long Commute

ORLEANS – “It’s the least I could do, people don’t know how to drive in a snow storm anymore, I thought that everyone could use a friendly reminder,” explained Orleans native and Stats Canada employee, Kevin Talbot. “I don’t know if it’s the amount of new people that are moving into the city or if people just forget altogether how to drive in snow, but there’s a lot of bad winter drivers out there.”the split

Talbot’s post generated seven likes and three comments from other suburban males in their thirties who are also disappointed with commuters. “I totally agree with Tabby, people don’t know how to drive in the snow anymore. Drivers are constantly speeding up then breaking totally disturbing the flow of traffic. If everyone just went a little slower from the get go and maintained a decent speed we could all get home at a reasonable time.”

Talbot and his friends explained that if it snows even 2 cm it can add 20 minutes to their commute. “Last week it took me forty minutes just to get from Tunney’s Pasture to the Split. Plus, with all of this OLRT construction and traffic it’s absolutely ridiculous. Drivers have no regard for other drivers anymore; everyone is just trying to get home as fast as possible. If everyone drove like me, we wouldn’t have this mess. I’m considering writing a letter to my city counsellor demanding that all drivers take a winter driving test before being allowed on the road. This winter there’s been at least three days that snow has added 20 plus minutes to my drive home. My time is valuable and I think all drivers that get in fender benders in the winter should pay a fine and have their license taken away till April. If you’re not confidant driving in snow then take the bus. It’s a health and safety issue.”

Talbot and his friends plan on starting a winter driving tip blog to raise awareness. “Someone had to speak up, traffic is getting out of hand. I just want to help others who maybe didn’t grow up in Ottawa learn how to drive. The response from my Facebook post was so positive that I plan to keep on giving driving advice whenever there’s a snowstorm. I like to give back to the community.”

A source close to Talbot’s wife has confirmed that since Talbot’s first winter driving post a number of her friends have unfollowed or unfriended Talbot from Facebook. “There were a few posts during last fall’s election that were kind of annoying but for a lot of us the winter driving posts was final straw. We get it, anyone that thinks or does things differently than him is a bozo…”

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