Painting Pub Night Artwork Sells for $65,000

"Spring Blossom" by Jessica Tayne

“Spring Blossom” by Jessica Tayne

OTTAWA – “I was thrilled, it was like winning the lottery,” said Jessica Tayne, on the recent sale of her first ever acrylic painting. “I was able to pay off the rest of my student loan, deposit the maximum amount into my tax free savings account, and was still left with a sizeable amount leftover.”

Jessica attended her first paint night with her two girlfriends at a centre-town pub over the weekend.  Although Miss Tayne has no art training other than her high school art class, art critics from around the country have praised the work she produced that night.

After consuming three glasses of house red wine, Miss Tayne became confident in her new-found artistic abilities.  She began to stray from the instructor’s set lesson plan, adding her own bold and distinctive style to the set curriculum entitled “Spring Blossom.”

“I don’t know what came over me, but once I found my rhythm, it felt as though I had been painting all my life.  At this point I’m convinced that I must have been a painter in a previous life.  That’s the only explanation for it,” said Miss Tayne.

As luck would have it, renowned English art collector Arthur Wells, who was visiting family in Ottawa, happened to be walking by the pub on his way to dinner when he spotted Jessica’s painting through the window.

“Those brush strokes.  So daring, yet refined.  The colouring: traditional, yet avant-garde. The perspective showed elements of photorealism while simultaneously drifting into the realm of abstract.  When I saw this masterpiece I immediately thought to myself ‘A paradox. I simply must own it,’” said Mr. Wells.

Mr. Wells went on to describe his spontaneous decision to purchase Jessica’s painting. “I’m the type of chap who knows a masterpiece when I see one.  I’ve made great deal of my fortune dealing in the fine arts. And when it comes to paint on canvas, one must never hesitate.  If and when you see the stroke of genius, acquire it immediately!” said Wells.

Mr. Wells entered the pub as the paint night was wrapping up, and made Jessica a generous offer for her painting, which she immediately accepted.  Before the paint had dried, Mr. Wells had written a cheque to Miss Tayne for $65,000 in exchange for her unique rendition of “Spring Blossom.”

After news of the transaction spread, Mr. Wells has agreed to loan “Spring Blossom” to the National Gallery of Canada indefinitely.  Commenting on the loan, Mr. Arthur explained: “Artwork isn’t meant to be hoarded.  It must be shared and enjoyed collectively, for the benefit of posterity.”

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