Redhead Returns From Mexico Without a Sunburn


MONTREAL, QC – “As a ginger, I have had some of the worst sunburns known to man,” said Amy O’Hara, 19-year-old Concordia University student, after returning from vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.

“I have to be really careful. I didn’t want to ruin my week in the heat with a sunburn or heatstroke, so I took the necessary precautions.” said O’Hara, who is of Irish and Sottish ancestry.

Months before leaving for her all inclusive vacation, Amy booked several sessions at her local tanning salon. “To be honest, I think tanning salons are really flakey, but I knew that gradually building a base tan was going to save me from suffering in the long run.  Though I still didn’t tell anyone I was tanning.”

Once she arrived in Cancun O’Hara claims she was diligent in applying sunscreen, “Every couple of hours I would re-apply sunblock.  I used SPF 30 on my body, and SPF 60 on my face.  Even if it says it’s waterproof, it’s best to play it safe and re-apply after swimming.” Amy also credits her large floppy hat and oversized sunglasses in protecting her skin from the sun’s harsh rays.

While her friends spent hours tanning on the beach, Amy spent the hottest hours of the day reading under the shade of a beach umbrella. “They all wanted to go back to Canada with deep tans, and some of them didn’t even wear sunscreen. They paid for it, because they burnt so badly their skin was peeling off. Not a good look.”

Due to her prudence in protecting herself from the sun Amy developed a tan without burning at any point.  Upon returning to university in Montreal, O’Hara was admired by friends and family for her glowing bronze complexion. “She looks lovely” said Marc Gagnon, Amy’s boyfriend of two years, “I didn’t know redheads could get such a nice tan, but, it will take some time for me to get used to her new cornrows.”

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