Starving Model Reveals She Is Not Gluten Intolerant


KAMLOOPS, B.C. – “It was the most humiliating experience of my life,”  said Tasha Bentley, 21-year-old fashion model, reflecting on her harrowing experience of eating a bowl of pasta.

“We were doing a shoot on location in the B.C. wilderness for the new line of synthetic fur clothing.  After Leo wins the Oscar for The Revenant, fur clothing is going to be the hottest trend. We were only supposed to stay on location for the afternoon and then fly out, but some stupid storm warning forced us to stay for two more days. It was a nightmare.”

Fortunately, the model, her photographer and their pilot were invited by local hunter James Starblanket to stay in his nearby hunting cabin until the weather cleared.  The only food he had to offer his impromptu guests was moose meat from his latest hunt, and the limited non-perishable items he kept on hand.  Bentley, a strict gluten-free vegetarian, faced a serious dilemma.

“I was literally starving.  What made it even worse is that I just finished a full-body cleansing diet, so I’d only eaten spinach, almonds and smoothies for two weeks before the shoot.”  Bentley abstained from eating anything at all for the first day, but eventually gave in to her desperate hunger.  “It was either eat moose meat or regular pasta with canned tomato sauce. I think I chose the lesser of two evils,” confessed Bentley.

For years she had claimed to be gluten intolerant, when in fact she has no dietary restrictions whatsoever.  “I just hate that feeling of being totally bloated, so I told everyone I was gluten intolerant. I thought it’d be easier to tell a little white lie than some big explanation.”

“Sometimes I would feel guilty about it,” she added, “like this time in a restaurant back in Vancouver when I ate the last gluten-free meal in front of a celiac.  He had to leave hungry. Oh my God, I felt terrible, it was such a burden living under this lie. It started to control my life.”

Bentley admits she has learned a lot from the ordeal, and says she will come clean with her family and friends when she returns home.

“It was an eye-opening experience. I was really embarrassed when Don, my photographer, found out, because I think he had always suspected I was lying. But he was really good about it, he just smiled without saying a word.”

When asked to comment, photographer Don Henderson replied “Well, I guess humble pie isn’t gluten free…”

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