Stats Canada employee finally starts to complain about OLRT construction


OTTAWA – “I understand that we are currently undergoing a massive transition in Ottawa and that infrastructure upgrades require sacrifices in the short term for the long term sustainability of Ottawa and I’ve tried not to complain about the OLRT traffic but Thursday was the final straw.” Exclaimed Kevin Talbot on his Facebook page.

“While I waited on the bus at Scott and Parkdale for two hours while city crews fixed a broken traffic light, I calculated that since the beginning of the OLRT construction last spring I have spent on average an extra half hour on the way in and a half hour on the way home from Orleans in transit this year, if I average that out over the year that’s 260 hours. At my rate of pay as a CR5 that’s $7,105.57 worth of my time. I have drafted up an invoice for the city accordingly. This misuse of my time is unacceptable and outrageous.”

This isn’t the first time the 33 year-old has voiced his commuting complications. Earlier this winter he started giving out weekly winter driving tips on Facebook.

“Talby’s right, why should we have to pay for the construction of the infrastructure in Ottawa with our time, our time is valuable. STOP WASTING IT LIKE YOU WASTE OUR TAX DOLLARS!” read one of the two comments on Talbot’s post.

“We’ve gotten used to fielding these kinds of complaints here at city hall and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that transit and traffic flows as smoothly as possible. Times of transition can be difficult.” Explained a city planner.

“However, using the same logic as Mr. Talbot the long term time savings out weigh the costs. Once phase 2 is complete of the OLRT someone like Mr. Talbot who commutes from Orleans will have his average time cut by 15 minutes a day. That works out to 2.5 hours per week which is 130 hours a year. For someone in Mr. Talbot’s position that works out to just under $4000 in annual savings, that’s $40,000 over ten years, but we won’t invoice him for the time he saves, we’ll just call it even.”

A co-worker at Stats Can who recently moved from Toronto described the whole situation as adorable. “Ottawa is a fascinating place to be in at the moment. It’s like watching a shy underachieving pre-teen start high school. Kevin thinks his commute is bad? When I lived in the GTA people would literally mortgage their entire life for an hour long commute.”

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The wood owes me much more for impeding my progress home!!! Go SOX err mean jays…ahem

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