Taxi Driver Curses Uber While Taking the Long Way to Destination


OTTAWA – “Those thieves at Uber are ripping me off,” said an Ottawa taxi driver, who wished to remain anonymous, as he took the longest route possible to reach his passenger’s destination.  “They’re stealing money right out of my pockets.”

After arriving to pick up his customer more than 25 minutes after the order for a cab was placed the driver immediately began a bitter rant, blasting Uber for their alleged unlawfulness despite the fact the ride sharing service became legal in Ottawa today.  “They’re breaking every rule in the book,” shouted the enraged cabbie as he made a sudden lane change without signalling, cutting off a family in a minivan.

The longtime taxi driver claims that since Uber’s arrival in Ottawa he has noticed a significant drop in business.  “They’re criminals and liars. They’re cheating me out of money,” he said as he stopped at a yellow light to run up the metre.

Ignoring his fare’s preferred route home, the driver continued his heated tirade: “Uber has no respect. Damn them! I’m taking a real hit here.” The perturbed driver interrupted his impassioned speech momentarily when a fellow taxi driver called to discuss their upcoming plans to publicly protest Uber.  “So we’ll block the bus routes in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Perfect.  We won’t even let any ambulances by.  This way the public will know that we mean business and respect us.”

After finally reaching his destination, the long-suffering passenger left no tip and suggested that the lacking customer service was a contributing factor in the decline of the taxi business. The driver responded by berating the distraught customer with a barrage of obscenities.

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  • Are you sure this is satire? I am having a really hard time telling if this is fake or not lol.

    Pretty much sums up every recent taxi I have taken..

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