Trudeau Extends Visit in D.C. for Slumber Party With Obama


WASHINGTON, D.C. – After a three-day visit to the American capital that culminated in a lavish state dinner, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has extended his stay at the White House after being given permission by his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau to stay one more night for a slumber party with the leader of the free world. “They just got on so well.  He kept begging and I couldn’t say no,” said the Prime Minister’s wife.

After concluding their policy discussions on issues such as border control and climate change, Trudeau and Obama both agreed their busy schedule had left little time to “hang out and chill.” After consulting with the First Lady, Obama extended an invitation to the Canadian PM to stay for a fun-filled night of movies, ghost stories and junk food.

The evening will begin with an informal supper, with the White House chef serving the Canadian delicacy Kraft Dinner with cut up hot dogs. “We really want Mr. Trudeau to feel like he’s right at home,” said the head of White House kitchen staff.

Following supper, the Canadian and American leaders, both avid Star Wars fans, will re-watch “The Force Awakens” in 3D in the White House movie theatre, during which the famed Quebecois dish poutine will be served.

After the film, Obama has planned a guided “haunted tour” of the White House, during which he plans to tell scary stories about legendary appearances of Abraham Lincoln’s ghost roaming the property, and other supernatural occurrences around the White House grounds.

The North American leaders will then prepare for bed, with Obama providing the Canadian PM with his very own set of presidential pyjamas. The two will then be served a bedtime snack of s’mores and chocolate milk before retiring to the presidential chambers to stay up all night talking about girls.

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