Valet Resists Temptation to Joyride Vintage Mustang

Honest Valet

HALIFAX, N.S. – “It was probably the biggest test of character of my life,” said 22-year-old Thomas Sinclair, part-time valet.

Sinclair was working the evening shift last Friday night with only half an hour left on his shift when a black 1968 Ford Mustang GT pulled into hotel the driveway.  “Holy smokes, that’s the car Steve McQueen drives in Bullit!” said Sinclair, who spoke with our correspondent while on a cigarette break.

“I park cars I’ll never be able to afford all day long. You gotta understand that the temptation to take’r for a rip is there, bud.” said Sinclair, who works evenings and weekends at a busy downtown Halifax hotel.

By his account, the owner of the Mustang handed him the keys and shook his hand, passing him a folded ten dollar bill discretely. “That’s a class move right there, but as soon as the guest went inside the hotel and I sat down in that seat, something came over me, man. Left hand on the wheel, right hand on the gear shift, I felt her power. I wanted to take off into the sunset.”

Sinclair went on to explain the overwhelming urge to take the retro muscle car to its limits, and described his long-time fantasy of drag racing in a guest’s car. “I was gonna go for it. But I thought to myself, don’t do it. Don’t live up to that stereotype. I’m not just representing my hotel, I’m also representing valets everywhere.”

After careful consideration, Sinclair decided against taking a joyride, taking the car directly to the hotel garage. “Look, at the end of the day, I’m a professional. Plus, I can’t afford to mess around, I need this job to pay for school.”

When asked if he’d taken joyrides with customer cars before Thomas laughed. “There was this one time when a guy actually gave me permission to take his car for a spin. He tossed me the keys and told me to have some fun.  I love my job.”

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